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The work of MGF Architects is a result of the continous facing up to challenges in numerous national and international design competitions. The crafted model in different scales as well as the conceptual drawing, both are the basis for developing form and figure of the buildings. Clear geometric structures and orders define the expression of architecture and reflect an own, unique identity of design. Modularity as an esthetical principle is the substructure of the appearance of MGF ideas and buildings. This is combined with a great attention that is paid to the reduction of forms and details. Therefore designs of MGF Architects reveal a sense of order and functional quality. Their personal inspiration for every individual project means that all their buildings are unique. The working materials, the simplicity of the components, and the architects’ personal aesthetic ensure that their schemes have a classical appearance that goes beyond the fashionable zeitgeist. Their designs are of a singular quality and distinct character. Constructional and spatial solutions are well thought out as the design principles on which they are based do not become an end in themselves. They are outcome of a close study of the task and of the location for which the building is intended.



Nomination for the German Architecture Prize „Große Nike“ – Grand Nike

Folkwang University Of Arts Essen


Deutscher Fassadenpreis 2018 for VHF - German facade award

Folkwang University Of Arts Essen

BDA German Architecture Prize North Rhine-Westphalia

Folkwang University Of Arts Essen


BDA „Good Buildings Awards“ 2017

Folkwang University Of Arts Essen

BDA award for outstanding buildings in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Assembly Hall And Auditorium Building Aalen