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Canteen Greifswald

Mensa Greifswald Perspektive Aussen; Blick auf Eingang
  • StandortGreifswald
  • Jahr2012
  • BauherrUniversitätsklinikum Greifswald
  • BGF5.930 m2
  • BRI30.550 m3
  • PartnerGraf Ingenieure
    GIEL Planungsgesellschaft mbH
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Canteen for 600 people

The glass building of the canteen is located between Berthold-Beitz Square and the main entrance to the clinic. The surrounding buildings made of exposed aggregate concrete, clinker prefabricated components, and plaster façades from the different epochs of the last century prompted us to design a glazed solitaire as a link in the center of the square. A transparent building, whose public function is instantly clear from its appearance.

Mensa Greifswald Grundriss Erdgeschoss
Mensa Greifswald Ansicht Eingang

The central hall is accessible from entrances on both the north and south sides so that the canteen, in urban development terms, functions as a connective link between the institutional buildings, library, and clinic. The 600-seat dining hall, the actual canteen, is located on the ground floor. In order to clearly highlight the entrances, they have been cut out of the corners of the square-shaped building.

The steel framework construction of the canteen storey above was developed out of this subtractive procedure, the taking away of mass from the building’s overall volume. Storey-high diagonals running into the steel construction support the overhanging parts of the building. The steel skeleton structures sit on the base storey constructed from exposed concrete, in which the supply and waste disposal rooms, the cafeteria, and a grand conference room for the clinic are housed.

Mensa Greifswald Essensausgabe
Mensa Greifswald Ansicht Eingang nah
Mensa Greifswald Sitzplätze
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Mensa Greifswald Treppenraum